We’re weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic, and I know you’ve been receiving a lot of communications from your vendors about this, so I’ll just briefly outline some of the solutions we have for some problems you might be facing.

We continue to be fully up and running and able to serve you. Our remote tools enable us to manage your technology without risk to your staff and regardless of where your workers are.

We’re grateful for the successes we’ve had in:

  • enabling our clients to work from home
  • securing their remote workplaces
  • safeguarding their important business data and operations
  • equipping our clients’ employees to communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently with their colleagues
  • delivering effective marketing messages to their customers

If you’re having any trouble with any of these things, please let us know. We want to help. Let’s work together to get through the difficulties and emerge with stronger businesses than before. We don’t need to settle for just surviving.

We’re doing our best to anticipate your needs through this time, but we need your input. Please reach out to me personally with your thoughts on the impact this pandemic is having on your business and the sectors in which you operate. Please feel free to reply to this email. Your message will arrive directly in my inbox. I’m also available to talk at my direct line, (847) 864-1887.

I’ll write again soon with sources of information you might find helpful.

Stay safe and healthy,

Grant Hoover

Grant Hoover has been working to be a resource at Symphony Systems for over 30 years.