Proactive and protected.

You understand the need to secure your assets. Your workstations, servers, network, and confidential information need to be protected. What about the cost?

Let us manage your cost as we manage your security. We’ll provide the software tools and services you need to protect your business and the fixed-rate pricing you need to protect your budget.

And we’ll do that with a diverse variety of choices so you can choose the one that’s right for you.


Elusive yet critical, this encompasses the people, technical tools, and advanced methodology needed to keep your business’s infrastructure and information protected in a rapidly changing security landscape. Symphony partners with some of the most advanced CTI experts in the industry to research and understand trending security threats and develop successful defensive strategies and tactics.

Intelligent Security

  • Proactive Managed Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Analysis, Security Baseline Analysis
  • Endpoint Security for Your Servers, Workstations, and Mobile Devices
  • Perimeter Security for Your Network
  • Mobile Security, Data Encryption, Device Tracking
  • Secure Communications and Remote Solutions
  • Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal
  • Fully Automated Online Backup
  • Physical Security: Premise Security, Access Control, Loss Prevention
  • User Defensive Training and Best Practices

Let’s secure your infrastructure and information.

Why SymphonyShield Intelligent Security?

It’s Intelligent.

Make the intelligent choice.


Your infrastructure and information protected. Intelligently managed security. Shield yourself. Be secure.

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