Information technology should serve your business and your users, not the other way around. But how do you get there?

Your business needs a trusted advisor to create a strategy, guide you through implementation, and represent your interests. Someone who isn’t selling the equipment you have questions about. Someone on your side.

Symphony Systems is a different kind of technology business. We’re not a reseller. We’re an advisor. We offer our clients the objective advice and guidance they need. We’re on our client’s side, making recommendations based on our client’s needs and with our client’s interests in mind. This has been our way of offering our services since 1988.


By not selling equipment, Symphony Systems offers objective, unbiased advice and guidance. That is a true trusted advisor.

Business Technology Consulting Services

  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • A Real Trusted Advisor
  • Truly Objective Advice and Guidance
  • Information Management Strategies
  • Needs Analysis
  • Information System Architecture
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Information Process Reengineering
  • Strategic IT Roadmap
  • Business Transformation
  • Third-Party Option Assessments
  • Outsourcing Evaluations
  • Procurement Management
  • Virtual CIO/CTO

We want to be on your side.

Why SymphonySmart Objective Consulting?

It’s Smart.

Make the smart move.


Insightful. Strategic. Objective consulting. Since 1988. Intelligent guidance for your business.

The Midwest’s premier technology solutions provider serving the Chicago and Milwaukee areas for three decades.

Symphony Systems is a trusted technology advisor to small and mid-size business with objective technology consulting and exceptional technical services. We invite you to learn a little more about us, what makes us different, and how that uniquely positions us to empower your business to compete, lead, and achieve your goals.

Let’s work together.

We want your machines to work for your people, not the other way around. Empower your business to use its technology to achieve positive business outcomes and meet your business goals. Get in touch now for a free initial consultation.