Computers fail. Viruses attack. People make mistakes. Disaster strikes. Now what?

Insurance will replace your hardware. Software can be reinstalled. What about your data?

Safeguard your data with SymphonySafe, our commercial-grade, online, off-site, secure, fully automated, continuously monitored backup and recovery solution.
SymphonySafe was created with the idea that the benefits of online backup systems used by Fortune 500 companies can be made available to organizations of any size.

Your data is protected with military-grade encryption and transferred completely automatically to separate, secure data centers on the east and west coasts.


If a backup is not completely automated, the expectation that a human will run it consistently and reliably is unrealistic. While a completely automated backup is the solution to that problem, how do we know the backup is running itself consistently and reliably? We can check now and then, but then we’ve placed the burden, and the expectation, back on the human, which we want to avoid. Instead, our business class backup and recovery solution has monitoring and alerting built in. If a backup doesn’t run, or doesn’t run correctly, a technician receives an alert, checks into it, and fixes any problems found. This is a critical feature of any truly reliable and fully automated backup system.

Business Class Backup & Recovery

  • Completely Automated Solutions
  • Daily and Continuous Backup Options
  • Multiple Systems and Physical Locations
  • Protected by Military-Grade Encryption
  • Secure Storage at Multiple Strategically Located Data Centers
  • 24/7 Biometric Security and Surveillance at SymphonySafe Data Centers
  • HIPAA. Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), PCI DDS, Graham-Leach-Bliley (GLB), FINRA, FERPA, Safe Harbor, Tier IV SSAE-16 Type II Compliant
  • Proactive Monitoring and Alerting
  • No Hardware Or Software Capital Investment

Let’s safeguard your data.

Why SymphonySafe Business Class Backup & Recovery?

It’s Safe.

Make the safe move.


Computers fail. Disaster strikes. Business class backup. Your data is safe. SymphonySafe.

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